Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Auckland

There are many factors to take into consideration when you are selecting flooring for you home. Aesthetic is one of the factors that people place at the very top of their lists. At Floor Décor LTD we guide you through the process of selecting the best fit for your home and aesthetic is always at the top of our minds. When we think of beauty and aesthetic, we absolutely have luxury vinyl in the queue. Luxury vinyl comes in two different types, luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile. What sets them apart from each other is simply their shape. Luxury vinyl planks are just that they are in the shape of a plank and luxury vinyl tile comes in a more tile like look. One of the incredible features of luxury vinyl is that you can get it in a variety of styles as well, you can get LVT or LVP that looks exactly like hardwood, tile, or stone. This makes luxury vinyl a phenomenal selection for any home or décor.

At Floor Décor LTD we want you to know all of the amazing benefits that come when you choose luxury vinyl for your home flooring solution. We already know that vinyl is a beautiful selection, but did you know that when you choose vinyl, you’re choosing a floor that is resistant mold and mildew? This makes vinyl a no brainer if you suffer from allergies or live in a more humid climate. The resistance to mold and mildew is a game changer if you suffer from allergies. Luxury vinyl is extremely durable as well and can stand up to heat, moisture, and heavy traffic. And to top off all of these wonderful features that you get when you install luxury vinyl in your home, cleanup is a breeze. Simple sweeping and mopping keep these floors spic and span. You are truly getting a remarkable choice with luxury vinyl floors.

Luxury vinyl has a simple beauty that can be combined with any home style, décor style and more. You can easily match luxury vinyl to your home because the top layer of the luxury vinyl comes from a high-quality image. The stunning look of wood, tile or natural stone will compliment your home and is easily styled with existing furniture and rugs to compliment the luxury vinyl in your home. There are countless designs that can be achieved with the simplicity and grace of luxury vinyl.

Luxury vinyl is a magnificent floor, the gorgeous look, feel and style of LVT and LVP alone allow it to stand out above the rest. The added bonuses of durability and mold resistance add to the appeal. Those delightful factors stand the test of time, but did you know that luxury vinyl is also incredibly affordable? Luxury vinyl has a price point that cannot be beat! There are price points to fit within every budget, don’t let the stunning look hold you back! Floor Décor LTD has you covered with style, function, and affordability when you choose luxury vinyl floors throughout your home.