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Carpet Flooring for your Bedroom

Carpet Flooring

There is nothing more luxurious than the feel of carpet underfoot. Whether you are installing carpet in a bedroom or main living area, there are many features that make carpet an ideal flooring solution in your home. Considering carpet comes with a variety of advantages to keep in mind. Not only is the feel of carpet unlike any other flooring on the market, but it also adds opulence and an element of softness to the room. There are many types of carpeting to choose from and our experts at Floor Décor LTD are here to walk you through those options based on your needs. We help you consider feel, color, aesthetics, traffic level in the room, and more. It is our desire to guide you in making an incredible carpet selection for your home. Floor Décor LTD offers a variety of carpeting from manufacturers that you know and trust.

When taking into consideration the type of carpet that is best for your space you want to first consider the level of traffic in the area. If the traffic level for the area you are considering is high, you may want to select from carpets that are stain resistant and have a low pile. These carpets are easier to clean, and any dirt and debris can be easily cleaned away. Wool and Nylon carpets are also an excellent choice for high-traffic rooms as both of these fabrications are easy to clean and maintain. Low-pile, nylon, and wool carpets are also excellent choices if you are a parent or pet owner. Durability and ease of maintenance are all excellent features of these carpeting options.

Carpeting a bedroom that has less traffic than a main living area is a wonderful choice, you can select from luxurious plush carpets that bring warmth and softness into the bedroom. Another wonderful feature of carpeting a bedroom is that carpet has the effect of quieting a room. You will not have the echoes and loud footfalls you might have if using a different style of flooring in a bedroom. Comfort, color, and style can all be pondered when designing a bedroom with carpet. Carpeted floors can match any design and add a lovely luxurious feel to the room. High-pile carpets and carpet with thick pads are extremely desirable options for bedroom flooring. Another carpeting selection that always has a lovely effect in a bedroom is patterned carpets. Patterned carpeting adds a lovely style that will accent the beauty and feel of your bedroom.

Our experts at Floor Décor LTD are knowledgeable on the ins and out of carpeting the home. We are here to guide you through the process of selecting carpet for your home. We thrive in helping you choose comfortable, durable, and beautiful carpeting based on your specific needs. Style, traffic area, color, and pile are just some of the points we use to aid you in your carpeting decisions. Our specialized staff is standing by at the ready to direct you through this process bringing you the perfect carpeted flooring for your home.

Stylish Carpet Flooring

Meet Exposed, the first design of The Concrete Collection. It combines the elegant, subtle texture of concrete with the stylish comfort of carpet. 

Hilton carpet offers a stately blend of sophistication, luxury and outstanding performance.

True luxury, Westminster takes carpet to new heights of comfort and sophistication. This elegant cut-pile carpet offers plush softness…….

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of this fine luxury carpet. The modern conceptual design produced by fine patterned colour….

Where great style meets cutting edge innovation and offers an unprecedented world of stylish options.

This contemporary carpet with its smudgy “marble” effect will make a statement in sophisticated interiors. 

Let instinct be your guide and choose the graphic “vector” styling for a formal, yet fashionable foundation in office.

The raw beauty of cement has inspired this high-performance carpet collection. Made to disrupt industrial urban space…