Your Guide to SPC Flooring

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Covid 19 has changed the world. Now people spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors, working from home. It is crucial to choose flooring that is good for your health.

Hybrid SPC (Stone polymer composite) flooring has entered the flooring market, rapidly replacing traditional floor decoration materials with its health protection, 100% waterproof, higher impact resistance, and affordable price, becoming the fastest growing floor decoration material in the past few years.

SPC flooring is an upgrade from Laminate, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and Hardwood flooring.

In this, we will go over each SPC flooring layer. So, by the end, you’ll have a basic understanding of what an SPC Floor is and can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

DEKO Extreme SPC Flooring in East Tamaki, NZ

Layer 1: UV(Ceramic Bead) Coating

SPC Flooring’s top layer consists of UV coating, the thinnest layer of the SPC Flooring, measured in microns. UV coating is made of a ceramic component to protect your flooring from UV radiation, stain, and light scuff & scratches.

The UV Coating Layer is one of the most critical layers in SPC flooring as it protects the HD film layer from UV radiation, which result in fading of the flooring color over time under sunlight.

UV coating is also the layer that gives a glossy shine to the SPC flooring.

We know New Zealand has one of the thinnest Ozone layers, which results in the highest UV radiation on the planet. Because of that reason, Deko Extreme comes with a Double UV coating to give you more protection from high UV radiation and increases the product’s life. So you can have sunlight inside your house and not worry about your flooring fading color. It also gives you more protection from stains and, light scuff & scratches.

Layer 2: Wear Layer

The wear layer is the Layer between UV and HD Film Layers. Just like the UV layer, it’s also one of the essential layers of the SPC floor. As it gives protection from scuffs & scratches and wears & tear. The wear layer is the main Layer that will determine the product’s life. The wear layer reflects the manufacturer’s warranty of the product. So, the thicker the Layer, the more extended the warranty.

Deko Extreme comes with 0.5MM (20Mil) of the wear layer. Having a 0.5MM wear layer, you can ensure confidence under everyday use; this flooring will be difficult to destroy.

Layer 3: HD Décor Film(Vinyl Layer)

HD Décor, Vinyl Layer, or Finish layer this layer goes by. This layer does not affect the life of the product or the warranty. The primary layer that gives the SPC flooring its feel, looks, and texture.

Natural wood-look flooring has been trending for years. HD decor film is the layer that gives a more heightened realistic surface look. The high-quality finish layer provides the floor with a natural wood or stone grain effect, with a more designed look in terms of color, pattern, and texture.

Not every SPC Floor Company HD Décor film is the same. So, getting a small sample of the product in person is vital to get the natural feel of the SPC flooring.

Layer 4: Core

The Core layer is the thickest and most rigid layer in the SPC flooring. The Core composition is a mixer of Polymer plus Stone powder fused and pressed together, which is why it is entirely waterproof.

The Thickness of the Core also acts as a sound reduction barrier, giving better noise insulation. The thickness of the Core will also determine the plank’s weight and its locking mechanism’s firmness. Also, the thicker the floor, the more dimensionally stable it will be, which determines the expansion and contraction of the SPC flooring during warm and cold weather. The less it expands and contracts, the better and longer it’s last in extreme temperatures.

Not every SPC Floor company Core is identical, just like HD Film. To cut the flooring cost, some companies use recycled material for their Core, resulting in cheaper SPC Flooring and poor quality. Poor quality results in poor stability and high thermal contraction and expansion rate. Over time their locking mechanism will start to cause peaking and curling. It might be cheaper, but it will only last for a while.

Deko Extreme SPC Flooring is a Stone Polymer composite made up of Calcium Carbonate, polyvinyl Chloride, and stabilizers that use 100% Virgin core material with the extruding diamond core board. In New Zealand, we often get extreme weather where it’s hot during the day, but at night, the temperature drops quickly, creating constant thermal expansion and contractions. For that reason, Deko Extreme comes with 8MM Thickness, making it more dimensionally stable, resulting in negligible thermal expansion and contraction in extreme weather.

The Locking mechanism Deko Extreme uses is a UNILIN lock mechanism for easy installation for anyone looking to do a DIY and thicker locks which do not break easily and cause any issues of peaking and curling.

Layer 5: Underlay

Underlay is the last and final layer of SPC Flooring. Underlay for SPC Flooring comes pre-installed from the manufacturer, saving the cost of buying extra underlay like laminate. It’s made of IXPE or EVA and has varying thicknesses from 1MM to 2MM.

The thickness of the underlay is like the core acts as a sound reduction barrier, as the thicker it is, the better it is to block out sound. Also, the firmer the underlay, the better it is at impact reduction, which results in softness on your feet and joints.

IXPE Underlays can use with underfloor heating, but it depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some manufacturers use cheap EVA underlay to cut costs, which is unsuitable for heat retention. Also, with increased temperature, EVA underlays may emit toxins called formaldehyde, which are carcinogenic. Also, it may emit a foul odor, making your whole room smell like a chemical plant, unlike IXPE.

The underlay used for Deko Extreme is a 2MM IXPE acoustic, which is Extra soft under your feet. It is Extremely Quieter, recommended for excellent upper-level flooring use, and has Extremely Impact Resistance. Its non-toxic IXPE has achieved level E0 formaldehyde emission and is resistant to mold or mildew, which does not emit any gasses from underfloor heating or increase in temperature—ensuring healthier and warmer floors for everyone choosing our product.